Wholesomedonut's blog

Thoughts about random stuff by a human being named after a baked good

# Bio

Wholesomedonut is a moniker I've had for a few years now and it's the name by which I associate myself in the Fediverse. So uh.. hi. I might make this spot more interesting eventually. No promises.

# Why I do this

I write stuff on this site because it's a concept, story, product or thing I find interesting or want to post about and support.

Whatever I write on this page, I write for fun. If I profit by it somehow, cool.

# Stuff I do

I host Fedicraft, the Minecraft server and community for the Fediverse. You can find it by DMing me. If you don't know who I am, or what the Fediverse is, or start frothing at the mouth the moment Microsoft is mentioned, chances are you can scroll past this section just fine.